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About Us

At Capital Chemist Southlands, we are committed to providing expert advice and quality service in a professional and friendly manner. We pride ourselves on delivering optimal healthcare outcomes for our customers.

Our large team of staff lead by our Managing Partners Stacey and Louise have a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in community pharmacy. This combined with our recently renovated store enables us to offer a large variety of health services to our customers.

Our dedicated pharmacists take the time to focus on individual customer needs in order to ensure quality use of medicines and provide whole of health solutions.

What We Offer

Our Services

  • Asthma Check
  • Baby Clinic
  • Blood Glucose Testing
  • Blood Pressure
  • Closing The Gap
  • Complementary & Alternative Medicines
  • Compression Stockings
  • Credentialled Diabetes Educator Session
  • Delivery Services
  • Diabetes Medscheck
  • Diabetes Screening
  • Dose Administration Aids (Medication packs)
  • Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill)
  • HbA1c Testing - at home
  • Hearing Screening
  • Heart Health Check
  • Hepatitis C Dispensing
  • HIV Dispensing
  • Home Medicines Review (HMR)
  • Influenza Vaccination
  • Iron Studies/Anemia Screening
  • Lung Function Testing (Spirometry
  • COPD Screening)
  • MedAdvisor
  • Medicinal Cannabis Dispensing
  • MedsCheck
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Mobility & Equipment Hire
  • myDNA genetic testing
  • NDSS
  • Needle and Syringe Disposal
  • Needle and Syringe Supply
  • Opioid Replacement Service
  • Safety Net Management
  • Scripts On File
  • Signing/Witnessing of Documents
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Staged Supply
  • Travel Medicine Advice
  • Weight Loss Impromy
  • Whooping Cough Vaccination
  • Workplace Leave Certificate
  • Wound Management

Our Specialities

  • Beauty
  • General Health
  • Health Management
  • Household
  • Medicines
  • Mother & Baby
  • Personal Care
  • Sun Care
  • Vitamins & Weight Management

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